Celebrate International Equine Touch Day – 25 July 2020

We will not let the Covid-19 lock down and restrictions get in the way of our efforts to celebrate our Annual International Equine Touch Day, Jock Ruddock’s birth date.

A Celebration with a Difference

Jock Ruddock, Equine Touch Founder

Jock Ruddock, Equine Touch Founder



Due to covid-19 restrictions, this year we are encouraging the entire ETF Family, which includes all students, instructors and practitioners, past and present, world wide, to make contact with people they have trained with, visited as clients or for the purpose of gathering case studies, or people who have helped and inspired them in their ET/VHT/CT journey.

Minimum 3 people is the suggestion – no top limit restriction!

Email, text, phone call, zoom, instagram, twitter, facebook, any way you can . . . . .  no excuse.

  • Ask them how they are doing.

  • Share a memory or two of your time with them.

  • Maybe make plans for a future meet up to share ET/VHT/CT time together again.


. . . .  and of course, if it is safe to do so, plan to give a session to someone special.

Lyn Palmer and Mr Que

Lyn Palmer and Mr Que

By using 25 July to Get in Touch (or days around this date to suit) we can still make this a big celebration of Jock’s life and the legacy of this wonderful gift.


What exactly is the ETF Family?

Article in the ’10 Years of Equine Touch’ Magazine issued to Members attending the 2016 Annual Conference

Photo taken at the 2014 Conference in at Kirkley Hall Campus,       Northumberland - a great 'family' photograph!

Photo taken at the 2014 Conference in at Kirkley Hall Campus, Northumberland – a great ‘family’ photograph!

Those new to the ETF modalities will often hear or see reference made to the “ETF Family“.  What other complementary discipline do you know which uses this term of endearment when talking about its students?

We all meet people throughout our lives, out of nowhere, under a variety of circumstances, and you know immediately they help you feel alive.  And so it is when students attend ETF classes.  Whether coincidence, fate, or sheer blind luck, something definitely happens as soon as you start using what you learnt.

Focusing on Integrity and Intent play a big part in our transition and whilst Accuracy definitely helps as time goes on, even the most fumbling, dyslexic moves can have a big impact on the body we are working on. But it’s the changes that happen within us that are the most surprising.

Particularly evident when a student comes to writing their final essay prior to becoming a practitioner.  A box of tissues is often needed by the marking assessor as the journey to this point is revealed in glorious Technicolor!

Attending classes, reviews, get-togethers will invariably strike up renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Those we meet are no longer other students – they become friends, the sort you only see occasionally but when you do meet, it’s as if you have been best of friends for years – picking up where you left off and being just like family.

Helen Choma (Instructor/Practitioner) shares a great ET moment:  “Realising at possibly my second conference in Newmarket that it really was a big family and I was a part of it! That was a lovely warm feeling”.

Liz Coates (Admin) Since being persuaded in November 2012 to take over the UK office it has been a privilege to get to know many of you through emails, phone calls and texts!  I know for a fact there are “family members” out there whose contribution to Equine Touch, Canine Touch and VHT is truly amazing. Students come into the modalities with their own dreams, aspirations and expectations and it is my firm belief that whilst many spread their wings in a different direction after a while, the impact ET/VHT and CT makes on them will have been life-changing in some way or the other.


When we think of those companions who travelled by our side down life’s road, let us not say with sadness that they left us behind, but rather say with gentle gratitude that they once were with us.    Author Unknown


Every member of the ETF Family is encouraged to GET IN TOUCH in this year’s challenge

By so doing, we are keeping Jock’s legacy alive . . . .


Don’t forget to send us feed back to share with others to mark this occasion
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