Horse Owner Route


Horse Owners Education Route

The mission statement of Equine Touch Foundation is to ‘Help Horses by Educating Humans’.


We believe that there are many horse owners who are at a crossroads:  they wish to help their horses, but do not know where to start or what to do in order to achieve that goal.

There are also many horse owners who would like to take the care factor with their horses to a new level, beyond being ‘just a horse owner’ towards being a ‘horse owner who cares’.

All of these owners wish to take a more serious role in their horse’s life, far beyond simply training, exercising or playing with their horse and fulfilling the daily routine of feeding and grooming.

These people are the ones who would like to repay their horses for the pleasure and solace that they have provided and, in so doing, try to give them a better quality of life.

Equine Touch bodywork may be a part of this new relationship. It may bring the feel good factor’ to your horse and you, but it can also help you to monitor his health. Many problems are ‘creeping in’ slowly and un-noticed; a gentle ET session on a weekly basis can uncover those in the early stages, when it is easier to find help and solution.

Our Horse Owner Educational Route is dedicated to horse owners who would like to work on their own horses. They can study up to any level they wish, but there are no compulsory case studies, assessments or reviews between levels,  which are mandatory for those who wish to take the Professional Route to becoming an Equine Touch Practitioner.

Each student has at any time throughout their journey the ability to change over to the Practitioner Route by simply requesting a change in their status, and then completing all the requirements.