Ivana Ruddock-Lange – Atlas of the Equine Musculoskeletal System

Equine Touch co-founder, Ivana Ruddock-Lange has just produced an incredible “Atlas of the Musculoskeletal System” Guide for Equine Bodyworkers. Ivana is a veterinary professor in Anatomy and Physiology and this book will be full of her findings from the many educational whole horse dissections she performs all over the world.

Ivana says: “It is not a book for reading, it is book for looking ….. pictures can say sometimes more than words ……

“I tried to collect pictures of skeletons from strange angles, for readers to see more than just lateral view what most of the current books offer; I tried to peel off layers of soft tissue from areas that are common horse’s “areas of concern” for you to see what “else is there”, I tried to have there pictures of nice live horses to train your eyes to see individual muscles under the skin.

“What I did not try is to replace any books on the market, this book is maybe just another one for your collection …. HOW MEAN IS THAT!!!!!

“The book is now available online. Please visit my new website to see more information and to order.  https://ivanaruddock-lange.com/atlas/