International Equine Touch Day – 25 July 2017

Every year, International Equine Touch Day celebrates our founder Jock Ruddock’s birthday.  Put the 25 July 2017 in your diary NOW.  Make a special note to use ET, VHT and/or CT on that day and appreciate the tremendous gift he has taught us all to share with others.

Celebration of this day can be just you and someone special or why not contact your closest International Instructor if outside UK & Ireland or one of the UK & Ireland Area Coordinators 2017 and arrange a group meet-up around that date to make it a day to remember!  No Area Coordinator in the area?  Get in touch with other students yourself or contact Liz, to be put in touch with others in your area.

Share your day in the IETA UK & Ireland magazine – send stories to Liz or directly to the editor:  International stories welcomed!

Thought for 25 July 2017

“Link yourself to Heaven and Earth.  Stand in the very centre of the Universe with your heart receptive to the resounding sound of the body through your hands”   Aikido Inspirations – Jock Ruddock 2011