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Gill Evans is an Equine Massage Therapist in Africa who has been professionally treating horses for 20 years.
Gill attended an Equine Touch seminar in Zimbabwe in October last year. The first day she was completely skeptical how anything so gentle could achieve any positive results…… midway through the second day she watched an unmanageable horse she had brought along completely change its body shape and personality right before her eyes. It was not only the horse that changed, however, it was also Gill … whose mouth was hanging open and her entire body softened as she suddenly realised what was happening to her horse. She left the course perplexed, but determined to give the modality a try. Since then she has concentrated her work using only this gentle touch with positive results that have astounded her. None, however, have astounded her more than this case, which started just before Christmas.

I was on the farm when I heard a commotion coming from a nearby paddock, and when I entered I found a thoroughbred filly standing and shaking in deep trauma. It had just been bitten in the neck by a cobra; unfortunately they are all over the place. There was no point in calling the vet. They had no drugs for humans in Zimbabwe, never mind horses, and in any case we were far out in the country and death usually occurs within a few hours in 95% of the cases.

I decided to treat the horse with what Jock had taught me, I relaxed the whole upper area and performed the lymphatic drainage procedures on the entire neck and around the punctures. There was a slight swelling, and the horse was going into shock.

The next day the horse was still standing; the swelling now very large and stretching from the top of the throat right down to the elbows. I continued to do the Equine Touch using the Bowen Moves. The next day the horse was still alive and once again I continued to do the treatment. As I felt there was now a chance I contacted a friend who is a homeopath who treated the filly also. I continued with the Equine Touch treatment, the swelling was going down but around the puncture area there was a large area of putrefied flesh. A week later this area burst, spilling out rotten flesh, blood and pus.

I continued to treat the horse daily with the treatment and slowly the hole began to close to the point where six weeks after the strike the filly is well on the way to full recovery, the poison in the system is still evident by small abscesses around the hole but other than that the filly is free from pain and showing no ill effects. If anything, this has shown me what an amazing modality the Equine Touch is for helping a horse to heal itself against what are amazing odds.

From Gill Evans, Africa


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